Sunday, October 18, 2009

Target - Better than Free Glade Candles!

This is how you can get stores to pay you to take their stuff home:

(5) Glade tins/glass holders $2.50ea = $12.50
(5) Glade refills $2.50 each = $12.50
-(5) Glade tins/glass holder $1.50 Q = -$7.50 **found inside tin candle holders**
-(5) Glade refill free WYB holder $2.50 Q = -$12.50 **blinkies at most grocery stores**
Total $5 OOP (plus tax) and get $10 Target Gift Card (two $5s) back

Now the Free Refill WYB Holder Q will beep and ask for a price, when the cashier enters $2.50 it will say "item not found". The cashier should hit the K1 button. And then you are good to go!

Then you can submit your reciept for this$5 Rebate!! (which you can do up to three times per address). There you go-- You just made $10 and got some great stocking stuffers or hostess gifts for this holiday season! If you do this three times you will make $30. That Rocks!!

This promotion is not in the ad, but is marked at the store. Good Luck, Have Fun & most importantly, MAKE MONEY!! :)


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