Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Albertson's run today :)

My Albertsons Doubles totals from today:

4 Smart Water
40 Sunkist Tuna Pouches
8 Kens Dressings
4 Kellogs Mini Wheats
1lb Hamburger
1 loaf Garlic Bread
1.68 lb Bananas
1.14 Braeburn Apples

Cost oop: $8.94

Total Savings: $125.23 (thats before club card, coupons & dbls)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Bath & Body Work - FREE Foaming Hand Soap w/ ANY purchase

Bath and Body Works is currently offering a FREE Foaming Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer with ANY purchase, while supplies last. Any purchase means you can go in and find one of those clearanced out items, or small travel size items for around $1 and still qualify to use this coupon. Coupon can be printed here.

Coupon is good through July 5th, and only one per customer. Its only good on in store purchases and you must have coupon with you at time of purchase. Other stipulations on coupon, so be sure to read.

I found this at Centsible in Seattle.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Albertsons thru 6/30

There are two more days of doubling, Monday 6/29 and Tuesday 6/30. Take full advantage of that! Look in your Sunday paper for the additional three doubler coupons. Plus several stores have stacks of them at the end of their registers or up by customer service. See my earlier posts for details on what items to buy.

Some Highlights to Remember!
  • Taco Bell Taco Shells are FREE w/ promo and peelies on boxes.
  • Only Three doubler coupons per transaction. Most stores dont want you to do back to back transactions, so just take your stuff to your car in between.
Get out there and get some free food! :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Albertson's - More doubler coupons to come on Sunday

According to Centible in Seattle there will be three more doubler coupons in Sundays paper. She found a stack of them good 6/28 -6/30 at her local Albies. (If you happen to find a stack, please only take what you will use and leave the rest to share!)

Some other deals, I have picked up from the other blogs I frequent (here, here, and here ) one I even found on my own! lol

Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs on sale $.98 starting Sunday
Buy 2
Use $1/2 coupon from 6/7 or 6/21 SS insert
Use Albertsons double (-$1)
FREE after coupon & double

Breyers Ice Cream on sale $2.50 starting Sunday
Use $1/1 coupon 5/17 SS insert
Use Albertsons double (-$1)
$.50 after coupon & double

Smart Water on sale 1.00 ea <- thats the one I figured out..lol the rest I cannot take credit for
Use .50/1 or $1/2 tearpad found at Walgreens a few months ago
Use Albertson's double
FREE after coupon and double

10 pouches of Starkist Tuna ($.75/each after Buy 10, Save $5 discount) = $7.50
4 single serve bottles of Darigold flavored milk ($1/each) = $4
Use (3) $1.50/3 Starkist tearpad coupons (-$4.50)
Use (2) $1/2 Darigold coupons (-$2)
Use 2 Albertsons doubles (-$2)
Total $3 and get 2 $1 catalina coupons back
Like paying $1.00

Synder's Pretzels, $2.00 each
-$1.00 off (from 5/17 SmartSource)
-$1.00 Doubler

Also, look for Taco Bell Taco Shells with peelie coupons on them:
Buy 10 Boxes, $1.00 each
-$0.50 peelie x 10
-$5.00 Instant Savings (for buying 10 items)
=All 10 boxes FREE!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Search & Win

I just redeemed my fourth $10 Starbucks Gift Card. That is $40 in free money!!! If you have not already signed up for Swagbucks... seriously, do it now!! It is such a great deal! Sign up here.

FREE Slurpee at 7-11 on JULY 11th (Saturday)

7/11 (July 11th) is free slurpee day at 7-Eleven each year. Don't forget to stop in and enjoy this free opportunity.

I have not participated in this event in the past (but will this year), but it sounds like they have special sized cups you use that are 7.11 ounces. You walk in get your free cups, load up and be sure to tell the clerk thank you. Event ends at 9pm in most stores, and it should be honored nationwide but never hurts to call ahead and make sure your store is participating.

I got this from Centible in Seattle.

FREE - Glidden National Paint Giveaway - Until 7/22

Glidden Paint is giving away one free quart of Eggshell finish paints to every household in America until July 22nd. Go HERE to chose your color. Then fill in the information, and you should have your paint in 3 - 4 weeks!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

AMC Theatres - FREE Large Popcorn WYB a Large Fountain Drink

AMC Theatres is offering this IP coupon good for a FREE LARGE Popcorn when you buy a LARGE Fountain Drink (expires 11/05/09). One coupon per ticket purchase. Valid only at AMC Theatres. Not valid with any other offer. No cash value and no resale.

Click HERE for location near you.

Click HERE for other coupons.

Thank you to Spend Less and Save More for the great info!

Albertsons Doubles 6/24 - 6/30

Here are some great matchups from Frugal Living NW:

Dannon Yogurt on sale $.50Buy 10
Use $1/10 Light & Fit coupon from 5/3 SS insert
Use Albertsons double (-$1)
$.30 each after coupon & double when you buy 10

Wild Harvest Organic Tortilla Chips on sale $2
Use $1/1 coupon
Use Albertsons double (-$1)
FREE after coupon & double

Ken's Salad Dressing or Lite Accents on sale $2
Use $1/1 coupon from 5/3 SS insert
Use Albertsons double (-$1)
FREE after coupon & double

McCormick Grill Mates Seasonings on sale $1.50
Buy 2Use $1/2 tearpad coupon -- I found some in Albertsons a few weeks ago
Use Albertsons double (-$1)$.50 each after coupon & double when you buy 2

Circle Pizza on sale $3.99;
Buy 1 pizza, get FREE 2-liter of Sunkist or 7Up
Use $1/1 coupon
Use Albertsons double (-$1)$1.99 after coupon & double for pizza & pop

Rubbermaid Produce Saver Cups on sale 25% off
Use $1/1 coupon from 5/3 or 6/7 SS insert
Use Albertsons double (-$1)
Final price depends on how much item costs

McCormick Grill Mates Marinade on sale $1
Use $.75/1 blinkie coupon (DND) -- is it still available?
$.25 after coupon

Hamburger Helper on sale $1
Buy 3Use $.75/3 coupon from 6/7 SS insert
Use Albertsons double (-$.75)
$.50 each after coupon & double when you buy 3

more to come...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Safeway FREE Kingsford Charcoal (with purchase) - ENDS 6/23

Right now with in-ad coupon, Kingsford Charcoal is 5.99(13.5 -18 lb bag) HERE is a coupon for $6.00 off Kingsford Charcoal 13.5 lb or larger WYB that and any one of the following brands: Ball Park, Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing, Glad Product, KC Masterpiece Product or Vlasic Pickles or Relish. (YMMV on using a coupon on one of these products as well)

Now, the wording on this indicates you are saving $6.00 on "the other white meat". Most of us consider that Pork. No where on the coupon does it specifically say to purchase, Charcoal, one item from that list (above) AND PORK. This is a grey area I guess. The coupon is coded to take $6.00 off the Charcoal and will go through w/o a Pork purchase. I am still up in the air as to what exactly to do here. Ill put it out there for you if you want to do this deal, but I could see how you might be bargain blocked (BB) by a finicky cashier.

Also, this coupon is a bit of an ink-sucker, maybe print in black and white if you know your store will accept it.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Walgreens 06/21 - 06/27


Aquafresh Advanced Toothpaste $3.00
-1.00 Coupon here
Get a $3.00 Register Reward (RR) back
That is a $1.00 Money Maker (MM)

Lysol Disinfectant Spray 2/$7
-2.00 x 2 (05/03/09 SS)
Get a $2.00 RR back
Like paying .50 each

Accu-Check Aviva or Compact Blood Glucose Monitor $14.99
-14.99 (Mail in Rebate on box)
Get a $5.00 RR back
That is a $5.00 MM (that requires a stamp and some extra work!)

Band Aids 2/$3
-1.00 x2 (05/17/09 RP, 04/26/09 RP, 03/15/09 SS)
=1.00 for 2 (.50 ea)

Planters Trail Mix 2/$3
-1.00/2 (tearpad I found at Albertsons a couple weeks ago)
=$2.00 for 2
Get a $1.00 RR
Like paying $1.00 for 2

Skintimate or Edge Shave Gel on sale $1.99 (use in-ad coupons)
-1.00 $1/1 Edge coupon or $1/1 Skintimate coupon
=$.99 after coupons

Airwick Freshmatic Starter Kit 5.99
-4.00 Coupon Here
=1.99 after coupon

Nabisco Cakesters 2/$5
-1.00 x 2 (06/14/09 SS)
=$3.00 for 2
Get a $3.00 RR
Like getting both free!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Search & Win
Swagbucks is a search engine, just like Google, that gives you "swagbucks" randomly as you search. (approx. 1 to 2 a day but sometimes up to 20!) Once you earn enough bucks you can redeem them for prizes or gift cards. The two gift cards that I have seen to be pretty popular are the $5 Amazon e-GC (45 swagbucks) and my personal favorite $10 Starbucks GC (130 swagbucks). When people sign up under you (you 'refer' them), you will earn a buck for every buck they earn (up to 100). I have three people under me and have gotten 3 $10 Starbucks GCs so far. I am only about 20 bucks away from my 4th. Swagbucks also gives out Swagcodes. They are only good for a couple hours usually and are free bucks to help you reach your goal.
I have been doing this since January, its completely legit and I really like it! I use it just as I would Google, but I get free Starbucks! :D Click HERE to sign up!

Free Sundiwear Stickers

Click HERE to get a free pack of Sundiwear stickers. You wear them when you are out in the sun, and they will change color to tell you when to re-apply sunscreen!
I got this from Frugal Chic Living.

My First Post

Hello! My name is Golden (yes thats my real name lol), and I use coupons. A lot. This blog is just a fun way for me to organize my deals a little bit better, and perhaps in doing so, I can help someone else out there get something for cheap or free. Most of my deals will be local to me (Western Washington) but if something is fabulous elsewhere, Ill try and post that as well. Most of my friends IRL think I'm crazy, and thats ok. They still pay full price. lol

My son, Carter, turned two in March. We have definatly hit the "terrible twos". OMG! I am so glad when bed time rolls around! lol But when he is cute, it totally makes up for the naughty times!

I am a paralegal. I love my job. I work part time so I can stay home w/ Carter more. Sometimes I can work from home or even bring him into work w/ me! Did I mention I love my job? lol

My boyfriend Chad and I have been together 7 years, next month. Hopefully one day we will get married. Could someone out there kick him in the ass already? lol

So thats a little about me, my coupons and my family. :) Welcome to my blog!