Saturday, June 20, 2009

My First Post

Hello! My name is Golden (yes thats my real name lol), and I use coupons. A lot. This blog is just a fun way for me to organize my deals a little bit better, and perhaps in doing so, I can help someone else out there get something for cheap or free. Most of my deals will be local to me (Western Washington) but if something is fabulous elsewhere, Ill try and post that as well. Most of my friends IRL think I'm crazy, and thats ok. They still pay full price. lol

My son, Carter, turned two in March. We have definatly hit the "terrible twos". OMG! I am so glad when bed time rolls around! lol But when he is cute, it totally makes up for the naughty times!

I am a paralegal. I love my job. I work part time so I can stay home w/ Carter more. Sometimes I can work from home or even bring him into work w/ me! Did I mention I love my job? lol

My boyfriend Chad and I have been together 7 years, next month. Hopefully one day we will get married. Could someone out there kick him in the ass already? lol

So thats a little about me, my coupons and my family. :) Welcome to my blog!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Golden, I found you on my site at Centsible In Seattle, and wanted to come check out your blog! I recently starting blogging on great deals in Western Washington as well...and its lots of fun. Good to meet you, I will track your site and look forward to seeing all of your great finds.