Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Clearance

Target and Walmart are both clearancing their Halloween stuff at 75% off today! Go check it out! Snag some good deals for next year.

I found some Halloween cake frosting for a good deal (find a coupon {coupon database}.. even better deal!) It doesn't expire until 2011 so I can use it next year no worries!

They will go to 90% in a day or two, but by then anything worth while will probably be gone. Thats a risk you have to take when bargain hunting though.

Good Luck! Happy Shopping!


  1. I got in on the clearance when it was still only 50% off. I went mainly for a bedding set for DS that was on sale (and Glade of course!) and happen to find a monster rug, pillowcase and ice bucket that I'll use as a waste basket in his room. His room will be totally coordinating all for less than what I was already planning on spending on the bedding set.

    Joanne (ejlautz on BBC)

  2. I got several shirts for me & my DS and my friend and her DS (3)for next year. Plus several Happy Halloween Banners .. all at 90% off. There was not much to choose from, but at 90% I had too! lol :)