Monday, November 16, 2009

Starbucks - New Reusable Cold Cup to Debut 11/17

Tomorrow Starbucks will debut their new Reusable Cold Cup! It should come in Grande and Venti sizes and will be the same as their summer version (second pic) but will have a red and white striped straw instead of the standard green straw. (I borrowed that pic from ebay).
If these are as big of a hit as last time, get to your Starbucks stores quickly tomorrow morning! Remember you get .10 cents off each time you use it! (lets say these are $15 each.. it pays for its self in just 150 uses! lol just). Ok, so this isnt exactly a bargain post..
Also, while the directions say they are dishwasher safe. I dont think they really are. I bought mine last time they came out (May or June) and but September its seal had cracked and the top was warped a bit. I say hand wash only!


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