Saturday, August 15, 2009

7 FREE Tombstone Pizzas at Albertsons!

There is a catalina that started yesterday for Tombstone Pizza, which is also included in the Albertsons $25 Kraft promo, AND has its own rebate for your Utility bill.. take a look:
Tombstone Pizza x 7, 3/$11
Total: $25.67
Get back $5.00 catalina coupon (for buying 6+)
Get back a $5.00 catalina coupon + a $20.00 Mail-in Rebate for Kraft Promo.
Mail-in for $5.00 Utility Rebate (taken off your bill-I dont think its a direct check to you)

That's a Profit of $9.33!

Some things to keep in mind: You can only do the Kraft rebate once per household, so if you've already done the Kraft promo, this won't work for you.

Also, the Tombstone Pizzas are not shown on the Albertsons ad, but it is on the list from Kraft (Maybe print this out & take it with you in case there are any problems getting it to print).

You CAN submit for both rebates:
Kraft Rebate requires receipt, but not UPC's
Utility rebate requires UPC's, but not receipt

All this pizza will come in handy when our husbands start watching Football all the time again this month!! :D
Thanks to Frugal Chic Living for this great heads up!

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  1. Wow, great deal! My husband was just asking about some pizzas to bring to work--and even better than free, but with a profit!!