Monday, August 24, 2009

Target Printable Baby Coupons - Expire 09/05/09

These are some great Target Baby Coupons! All expire 09/05/2009. So hurry and take a peek!

KCL has a great compilation of match ups with MFR Qs HERE.

I cant wait to hit up Target later this week!!


  1. I am always afraid to post target deals until I have confirmed them in our area (their prices always seem higher around here). Let me know if you use them and get great deals at a target locally and I will link back to this post. Thanks!!

  2. Thanks! I glanced at my Target baby stuff on Sat when I was there, and KCLs prices seem about the same. I will probably go back on Thursday, and Ill do some more in depth research then! :)

  3. Update: I got the Gerber Bottles (.99ea) free w/ coupon (Q beeped and needed to be K1'd), I got the J&J Buddy Bars (.97ea)free w/ coupon (no beeps, no overage, Q adjusted itself down). Hope that helps!