Friday, August 21, 2009

Free Taco on 8/27 - Taco Del Mar

Send a friend an e-card from Taco Del Mar and they will give them a free taco, in honor of forgiveness day on August 27. Go here to send the ecard for free Taco. For locations go here.

They have some funny apologies to pick from....

Thank you Centsible in Seattle for the great find!


  1. Thanks Golden, FYI..I talked with Tim Robinson this morning. He was telling me about his interview with you, said you were very nice :-)

  2. lol That is too funny.. Are you going to do a segment too? Fun!!

  3. Yes, he did the interview today and it will run sometime next week. He has featured my blog on 10 deals in 10 seconds before, but we were not able to coordinate an interview time until now. He said it was fun to meet you and your friend :-)

  4. Thats awesome!! Congrats! Make sure to let me know when it airs!