Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Walgreens Daily Deal! WED 8/19

Today Walgreens actually has two deals to choose from- You can choose from the first option which is a FREE photo cling, which will be sent to you (you will have to pay shipping--it looks like it's around $5.99). It shows that you can get either 4 5" x 7"'s, 2 8" x 10"'s or 1 11" x 17" (these are all on one sheet). The value is $9.99. If you choose to do the photo cling, make sure to use the code: BEES at checkout! Click HERE to get started!

Or you can choose to bring in a roll of 35mm or APS film or a one-time use camera to get FREE film-developing in-store only! Go here to get your coupon for the free film developing!

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