Tuesday, September 8, 2009

$12 for 12 months of the Sunday Seattle Times

I just re-subscribed for the Seattle Times at an amazing rate. I paid $12 for one year of Sunday papers! That is .23 cents a paper! Even though the RP insert doesnt come anymore in the Times here, it is still worth it to me to have that extra copy of the SS & PG. The guy said it was a credit / debit card promo and so I paid over the phone w/ my debit card. Hopefully you guys can call and get this same deal!


  1. Do you have his name and phone number? I will call tomorrow to see if they are offering deal in general?

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  3. I used to subscribe and told them I didnt want to sign back up. You may have to haggle with them a bit to get the price.. Let us know how it goes!