Friday, September 18, 2009

Ways to Earn Free $$, Gift Cards and Items

Swagbucks - A search engine you would use just like google, except you earn points which you can redeam for gift cards or other items. Read more HERE. Sign up HERE. I have earned $15 in Amazon Gift Cards and $40 in Starbucks Gift Cards since January of this year. I am only a few points away from my next $10 Starbucks GC.

Vocal Point - A group for moms to try new products as they hit the market. I get high dollar coupons plus coupons for free products and samples about every 5 or 6 weeks it seems from Vocal Point. Most recently, Free Kashi Waffles, Free Rice Krispy Cereal and Free Kashi Sunshine Honey Cereal. Go HERE to visit their website and see if it interests you. Go HERE to read an earlier post on how these high dollar and free coupons really worked out for me!

Pampers Points - This is really only a good deal if you have a child in diapers and you are using Pampers. My son is 2 1/2 and we have used Pampers for about the last year or so. Since I signed up for this I have gotten a coupon for a bottle of FREE Deft, and most recently a GO Diego Go Potty seat! While it does take a while to accumulate enough points for something "good" if you are using Pampers anyways, why not?

Huggies Enjoy the Ride - Same as above, only a good deal if you are using Huggies. With their program you enter you points then you can redeem them in an "instant win" or enter a contest. The instant win prizes are awesome though, $25 Kohls GC, $25 Starbucks GC, Free packs of diapers, etc. The Gift Cards change every month or so. I have never won, but even if you only win once its still a really good prize!


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