Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Diaper Cakes - A "how-to" on a budget

Blogger Sia, at Centsible in Seattle has written a great post for Thrifty NorthWest Mom on how to make a Diaper Cake on the cheap! I personally have made several for cousins and friends who have had showers this year and I can tell you it is so fun and the Mother-to-be loves it! (My cousin had twin boys, plus I had three other friends have babies this year as well- OMG what is in the water here in Snohomish County?!) Using coupons to get everything for next to nothing makes it even better!

Go HERE to read Sia's post.

You can get diapers, wipes, J&J soap, bottles etc, for pennies on the dollar using coupons this week. Check out my post on what you can get for free this week for some ideas. Target is a great place to start this week, since you can print their coupons from home and head straight there to pick up free bottles & soap, cheap diapers, wipes & other baby neccesities. All the links for any coupons you will need are right there in that post. Also, new moms love things to pamper themselves with, lotions, fancy razors, etc. So dont be afraid to stick some things in there for the new mom herself!

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