Saturday, September 5, 2009

Rebates Galore!

Right now there seems to be several rebates going on and it is easy to lose track of who owes you what. Here are some tips I hope you can use!

Things you need to remember / write down:

Who you sent the rebate to.
How much they are to send you back.
When you sent it.
When to expect in back.

Always make a copy of your rebate form (filled out), your receipt and UPCs (if applicable). If for some reason your rebate is denied, or lost you have some sort of reference when you call. (that number should be on the rebate form you kept a copy of!)

Plus keeping records helps you to remember if you have done a rebate or not. Some last for months, and a few a whole year. So if you do a $2.99 rebate in January for some dish soap, are you really going to remember that in November when you come across another form?

Also, when considering a rebate, look to see if there are any coupons you can use in addition to the rebate. Say you are doing the Palmolive Pure + Clean dish soap rebate. There is also a .75/1 MFR Q (both in 8/30 SS) you could use to bring your oop down while still getting the full price from the rebate.

I keep an excel spreadsheet, and just plug in the information as I send them out. Right now I have these coming back to me in the next few weeks:

Rite Aid $21.26 + Beauty Bag
Zantac $4.99
Kraft $20
Kellogg's $10
Kellogg's $10
Smirnoff $20

That's $85- I can do a lot of damage with $85!


  1. I don't do rebates (Im just really bad at them). Looking at your numbers though...I probably should figure out a way to not be so bad. You go!

  2. I go in spurts.. I randomly happened to do all these right now, so I decided to write a little on it... It was kinda fun to see the numbers all written out :) Its going to straight into my "day after Thanksgiving shopping fund" lol

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