Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fred Meyers - Coupons

Speaking of Fred Meyer - They have several different kinds of coupons I thought I should go over.

The Orange MFR / FM Qs- (usually hanging by product) These are MFR Qs that are paid by the Manufacturer. (Like the cheap Suave a week or so ago) You may NOT use another MFR Q with it. That is fraudulent and not proper usage. You may only use these at Fred Meyers. If you use a MFR Q with this Q it will beep.

The Orange FM Store Qs- (also hanging by product) These say "store coupon". (like the Glade Qs in the below post) You CAN match a MFR Q with these, as FM pays for the discount on one and the MFR on the other. No beeps.

In-ad Qs- These are store coupons. Say you have an In-ad Q for Tree Top Juice for 4/$5 you can stack it with a MFR $1/2 Q. No beeps.
Catalina Qs- These print from the register and have the FM logo on it. These are typically MFR Qs you can use anywhere. Some other stores dont like them, but should take them.

So, read your FM Qs carefully. The two orange Qs look very similar. I went to customer service at my Snohomish store and they were very helpful in explaining the differences.
**Always check the Coupon Exchange on your way in and out of the store. I have found some amazing catalina Qs in there (several for FREE items!!) that people just throw away like garbage! Plus I have found home mailer Qs too!


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