Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Joint Juice - Good Deal at Safeway

WYB 7 joint juice you will get a catalina for $5 off of 7 bottles coupon and also a $10 OYNO catalina. Promo ends 10/18/09. The $5 off of 7 will print out after the first bottle of joint juice you buy... so this is what you have to do to maximize your $$.

1. Buy 1 Joint Juice and pay with one $1/1 printable . Your OOP will be $.39 plus tax (based on $1.39 a bottle). You will recieve the $5 off 7 bottle coupon .

2. buy 7 joint juice and use the $5 off 7 from above. You will receive the $5 off 7 coupon back and a $10 OYNO coupon. Your OOP should be $4.73 plus tax (based on $1.39 a bottle).

3. buy 7 joint juice and $5.27 filler. Pay with the $5 off 7 bottle and $10 OYNO catalina from step 2. Your OOP should be tax only. You will get your $5 off 7 coupon and the $10 OYNO catalina back! :D (Use this to stock up on Meats or other items you dont typically have Qs for!)

4. rinse repeat!!!

Your initial OOP will be $5.12 plus tax but all other transactions after that will have overage from step 3!

Oh and SD is reporting that the $5 off 7 bottle mft coupon will need a manager override since it's coded wrong. But that should be fine, since it's their catalina coupon, and you are buying 7 so you are following all the rules correctly.

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